Architectural competition for a New Lucerne Theater

Photos: Lucerne Theater

The Arthur Waser Foundation donated one million Swiss francs to the Lucerne Theater Foundation in 2019 for the planning and implementation of a competition for a new theater. The competition must have been held by the end of 2022 at the latest; apart from that, the donation does not contain any conditions.

“This donation is an expression of my confidence that the Lucerne Theatrer Foundation, together with the City and Canton of Lucerne and all other stakeholders involved, will succeed in building an outstanding theatre in the heart of the City of Lucerne with an impact far beyond Lucerne and the region. There is a unique opportunity to rethink the future of theatre and its role in urban development and to build a theater for present and future generations. A good 20 years after the opening of the KKL, may another chapter of Lucerne’s great history as a city of music, culture and theater be written.”

Arthur Waser, October 2019