Blueprints for Montessori Children’s Houses in Tanzania

Geography Tanzania:  1. Northern Zone, 2. Coastal Zone, 3. Southern Highland, 4. Central Lowland, 5. Lake Zone 

To accelerate the number of beautiful examples of Children’s Houses in Tanzania, an ongoing competition is being held among architects who took part in a series of workshops on Montessori Architecture. Competitors are entering generic ideas that serve as blueprints for the different geographical areas of the country.

Entries are being assessed by a jury of experiences Montessori architects and quantity surveyors in accordance to the 28 Montessori architectural patterns, contextual response related to materials and design, prescribed schedule of accommodation, and budget compliance. Total cost for each project (including design, planning and implementation of the facility) does not exceed USD 45,000.

The qualified proposals displayed below are accessible to all Montessori teachers who wish to realise their own Children’s Houses in one of the five geographical areas 1 – 5. Interested teachers may choose a blueprint they like to implement and contact the responsible architect. Biographies and contact information can be found on the last page of the respective design proposal. 

1. Northern Zone 

2. Coastal Zone 

3. Southern Highland  

4. Central Lowland 

5. Lake Zone