Church street work association

Photo: Jutta Vogel

The church street work association is part of the diakonia, the service to fellow human beings, of the publicly recognized churches in the canton of Lucerne. It is supported by the Roman Catholic, Evangelical Reformed and Christian Catholic parishes of Lucerne and by the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Reformed regional churches of the Canton of Lucerne. The sponsoring organizations maintain various offers, among others

  • Schalter 20: Social Counseling and Income Management
  • Aufsuchende Sozialarbeit aSa: On-site support, relationship work
  • GasseChuchi-K+A: Sheltered place to stay with a healthy and varied diet, advice and support with everyday problems, the possibility of collaboration, animation and triage, as well as medically controlled consumption rooms, medical and psychiatric care, promotion of infection prophylaxis, assistance in coping with everyday life
  • Paradiesgässli: Advice and support for current and former drug users, income management, support, education and promotion of their children and young people
  • Pastoral care: Pastoral talks and church services

Around a third of all grants from the Arthur Waser Foundation in the social field have been awarded to the services of the Church Alley Work Association, primarily the Paradiesgässli.