Coproductions Lucerne Festival and Lucerne Theater

Photo: Ingo Hoehn

For Lucerne as a city of music and theater, cooperation between the Lucerne Festival and Lucerne Theater is of the utmost importance. The Arthur Waser Foundation supports specific co-productions by these two institutions every year. Season 2019/2020, the blue “Tonhalle” in front of the KKL. A string quartet concert for 16 spectators was given in the Tonhalle, interruptions by barking dogs and ship horns included.

Photo: Ingo Hoehn

Le Grand Macabre, 2017/2018 season

The Arthur Waser Foundation supported the opening of the second season under Benedikt von Peter with Ligeti’s “Le Grand Macabre” directed by Herbert Fritsch. “Le Grand Macabre” was an ideal piece for director Fritsch, who is known for artistic opulence and entertainment full of subtlety, mischief and subversion.

Photo: Ingo Hoehn

Opera without words (Season 2018/2019)

The piece «Opera without words; in the Office for Death Affairs »; Coproduction of the Lucerne Festival with the Lucerne Theater in the 2018/2019 season.

Media release

  • Salto in den Tod

    Das Luzerner Theater und das Theater Winterthur wagen den Versuch einer «Slapstick-Oper». Man taucht mit dem jungen Komponisten Klaus von Heydenaber in eine U-Bahn-Station ab.

    09.09.2018 – Berner Zeitung
Photo: Ingo Hoehn

Forest walk (2019/2020 season)

As part of the summer festival, the “spectators” experienced a staged walk in the forest and were finally surprised in the darkness of the forest by a concert by the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra. The performance collective “mercimax”, together with the French-Swiss composer Christian Garcia-Gaucher, who wrote a new work for this Lucerne “Forest Symphony”, turned nature into the setting and the forest into a concert hall. “Ouverture dans la nuit”, a co-production between the Lucerne Festival and the Lucerne Theater, created unusual encounters between musicians, spectators and nature.

Photos: Gregory Batardon

Tanz 34: As you Like It – season opening 2020/2021

Season opening of the Lucerne Theater with dance theater! Kathleen McNurney, artistic director of the dance theater, is opening the Lucerne theater season for the first time in her 12th and final season. Dance 34: As You Like It, originally intended as a co-production between the Lucerne Festival and the Lucerne Theater, became a celebrated production of the Lucerne Theater going it alone, after the cancellation of the Lucerne Festival due to Covid 19.