Dada Wadogo Sisters

Photo: Amin Suwedi

The Dada Wadogo sisters are based in Tanzania’s economic hub Dar es Salaam. They work to ensure that children, young people and women receive a good education. The sisters run and teach in primary and secondary schools as well as in Montessori kindergartens. They train kindergarten teachers in their Montessori training center in Dar es Salaam. Internationally-certified AMI Montessori courses for kindergarten teachers have also been taking place in their training center since 2017. In addition, the sisters have started to offer a course for nannies. The Dada Wadogo sisters are a relatively young congregation of sisters. They were founded as a Tanzanian congregation in the 1980s by the Baldegger sisters from Switzerland, who had been working in Tanzania since 1921. Sister Doreen Bella Mwakaliku is currently the mother superior of over 80 Dada Wadogo sisters.

«Teacher training» by Amin Suwedi
«Kindergarten» by Amin Suwedi