Montessori Architecture – A Design Instrument

Although Dr. Maria Montessori never defined an architectural style, her educational philosophy led to a worldwide repertoire of kindergartens and schools which have in common a remarkable positive learning and teaching atmosphere.

In an effort to describe this architectural phenomenon, the team distilled 28 recurring architectural patterns from the most inspiring examples they found in Africa, Asia and Europe. The resulting book and the freely accessible digital design instrument have been created in close collaboration with the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Both versions will be presented to the public in spring of 2021 at the occasion of AMI’s Annual Global Meeting in Amsterdam.

Meanwhile in Tanzania, our partner organisations Africa Amini Alama and the Usambara Sisters, are building the first two model Montessori schools that were designed with the help of book, and to be bulit by the winners of an international competition in Dar es Salaam.