Ushirika wa Neema Sisters

Photo: Roshni Lodhia

The Ushirika wa Neema sisters, headquartered in Moshi in northeastern Tanzania, are a Lutheran community of sisters, which is mainly active in the fields of education and agriculture. Since 1994 they have been training kindergarten teachers at the Montessori training center in Moshi. Many graduates of the training center are employed in Lutheran parishes in the Moshi area. The sisters run two Montessori kindergartens, an orphanage and a farm themselves. They are also in the process of establishing a Montessori primary school. The Ushirika wa Neema sisters were founded in 1979 by the Augsburg deaconesses. Sister Elistaha Mlay is currently in charge of around 80 sisters.

«Everyday life» by Roshni Lodhia
«In the stable» by Roshni Lodhia
«Kindergarten and School» by Roshni Lodhia
«Working in the fields» by Roshni Lodhia