Mkombozi Sisters

Photo: Amin Suwedi

The Mkombozi Sisters in Tanzania are based in Mtwara in southeastern Tanzania. They were founded by the Würzburg Sisters of the Redeemer in 1957. At one point 17 German sisters lived in southern Tanzania, today there are two German and 45 Tanzanian sisters. The comparatively small congregation maintains 7 schools in Mtwara region, all of which are equipped with Montessori kindergartens. The sisters have been running a Montessori training center since the 1970s, first in Luagala and since 1994 in Mtwara. Mother Superior of the Mkombozi Sisters in Tanzania is currently Sister Monika Mbogo.

«Everyday life» by Amin Suwedi
«Kindergarten and School» by Amin Suwedi