Arthur Waser Foundation:
Education, Social, Culture

The Arthur Waser Foundation is a non-profit, private foundation under Swiss law based in Lucerne. Arthur Waser established the foundation in 2000 and appointedIt was founded in 2000 by Arthur Waser and designated it in his will as his sole heir. The foundation is politically and denominationally independent.

The Arthur Waser Foundation uses its funds in two priority regions and three thematic areas. In the African countries of Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia and soon also Kenya, the foundation pursues an education strategy in close cooperation with African partner organizations, especially congregations. In Switzerland, the foundation supports institutions and projects related to the central Swiss cantons of Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri, Obwalden and Nidwalden in the fields of arts & culture and social affairs.


Jonathan Leibovitz by Kaupo Kikkas
Graphic Design by Nadine Wühtrich

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Arthur Waser Foundation
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