Construction of Montessori kindergartens and schools in Tanzania

The Arthur Waser Foundation helps to fund the construction of Montessori pilot or model kindergartens and schools, which are owned and run by AWF partners. Two Montessori primary schools are currently under construction in Moshi and Dar es Salaam, which – together with an existing Montessori primary school in Mwanza and two planned model schools at the NGO Africa Amini Alama and the Usambara Sisters – will serve as pilot primary schools.

Education experts will accompany and assess the teaching at these pilot schools in order to show how the Montessori pedagogy can be suitable for primary schools in Tanzania and to assess whether this improves the quality of education. The construction of Montessori kindergartens at the Dada Wadogo at the Msimbazi Center in Dar es Salaam and at the Montessori training center in Mwanza has been completed. The architect Harald Frey accompanies the construction projects in Tanzania supported by the Arthur Waser Foundation.

Kindergarten and school buildings:

  • Montessori kindergarten at the Dada Wadogo in the Msimbazi Center, Dar es Salaam, completed in 2019
  • Montessori kindergarten at MTC Mwanza, Mwanza, completed in 2020
  • Montessori primary school at the Dada Wadogo in Mbagala, Dar es Salaam, under construction
  • Montessori primary school at the Ushirika wa Neema sisters in Moshi, under construction
  • Extension of the model Montessori kindergarten in Buza, Dar es Salaam, under construction
  • Model Montessori kindergarten in Tosamaganga, Iringa, in planning